SIRAT (2019) 
An Indo-Arab Music Project

Line up (3 Musicians) :

Akram Abdulfattah | Six String Violin

Mandola Joy | Shree -Tar
(an improvised 5-string Mandola redefined by M-Joy)
Ishan Ghosh | Tablah 

About Sirat 

Sirat (The correct path) is a musical journey towards the spirit of the Self and God. This is beautiful commune of various influences from Arab, Hindustani, Carnatic, Folk music of India. This signifies the similarities of different styles from the East. The many styles in this project is instrumental, spiritual and authentic played with modern instruments, Shree-Tar (an improvised 5-string Mandola redefined by Mandola Joy) and the six-string Violin. Akram (a Palestinian-American violinist) and Joy (A Kolkata-based musician) setup this in Kolkata , accompanied usually by Indian percussion, e.g. Tabla, Khanjira, Ghatam, etc. and Arabic percussion, e.g. Riq, Darbuka, etc. This project is the result of work of each musician's journey of exploration in music , topped with their own experience in local and international scenes to form a unique new style (influenced deeply by classical Arab music to Hindustani Classical along with the complex Carnatic rhythmic patterns and Oriental Folk. Sirat compositions are mostly influenced composed by Akram and Mandola Joy.