JAWA (2016)

Line up  : Small Band  6 Musicians 

Akram Abdulfattah Violin &  Electric Violin
Gunnar Backman 
Fretted/Fretles guitar&Live loops(Sweden)  
Akram Haddad Electric Piano  (Palestine)

Khalil Khoury Qanoun (Palestine)
Per Anders Skytt Drums (Sweden) 
Electric Bass Ehab Drubi (Plaestine)

Line up : FULL BAND  10 Musicians

 Akram Abdulfattah Violin / 5-string Electric violin   
Gunnar Backman Fretted and Fretles guitar & Live loops (SWEDEN)
Qanoun - Khalil Khoury (Palestine)
Oud - Emil Bishara (Palestine)
Electric Piano - Akram Haddad (Palestine)
Suhel Canaan - Cello (Palestine)
Per Anders Skytt - Drums  (Sweden) 

Maen Goul - Percussion (Palestine) 

Ehab Drubi -Electric Bass (Plaestine) 

Migration Within - Akram Abdulfattah
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The album Jawa (the uppermost level of love) is the most recent music production composed by Akram Abdulfattah, presenting an unconventional and unique music style, creating an elegant mixture of Pop, Jazz as well as modern and classic Arabic music that stimulates the listeners' minds and leads them to wander in a world of their own imagination. Jawa smoothly combines unique cross-cultural music instruments, bringing together musicians from across the globe to conduct a musical performance that transcends the limitations imposed by our senses and the material world. Jawa is composed to convey profound messages reflective of the various complex emotions entrenched in love. Each track presents a musically philosophized concept that form simple expression of ineffable emotions and mental states - hope, passion, desire, despair, uncertainty, reminiscing, inner-self contemplation, and in one word: Love. Through soulful interpretive music, Jawa draws a portrait of love in all its intricacies and fickleness, capturing the various overwhelming inexpressible emotions it ignites, and embodying the inner processes to which it inevitably leads. Jawa stirs the listeners' imagination to ruminate over complex emotions and delineate their own individual definitions and perceptions, guiding them to a spiritual world of inner harmony. Through Jawa, Akram captures the concept of deep love in its broadest essence, presenting his listeners with its most simplified form.